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Levitation 2022. 2048 1365 Psyched! Radio. San Francisco

Levitation 2022.

Levitation 2022 Review:John Dwyer Flinging Around Helpless Guitar Pedals, Immaculate Godlike Drumming, Grown Men Crying Lyrics, Acid Dripped Vinyls, and More … By Maryzelle Ungo Austin, Texas has a place in my heart like no other city does. It’s where I formed my first band, bought my first vinyl, and…

Desert Daze 2022. 2048 1365 Psyched! Radio. San Francisco

Desert Daze 2022.

Desert Daze 2022, The Most Intimate Festival Within Yourself and Your Favorite Rock Stars. By Maryzelle Ungo Frankie and The Witch Fingers at Desert Daze. (Picture: Primavera Sound) Between the music, meditations, yoga, & soundbaths at your daily convenience, you are bound to become intimate within yourself and have a…

Halloween Meltdown 2022 2048 1365 Psyched! Radio. San Francisco

Halloween Meltdown 2022

Halloween Meltdown Day 1:Amyl and The Sniffers Make a Rickety Festival Worth It. By Katia Novak Amy Taylor of Amyl and The Sniffers. (Picture: Elaine Caton) Oakland’s Halloween Meltdown 2022 music festival was a scaled-down version of its former self but no less talent-packed than before. The main stage was…

Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 1600 1066 Psyched! Radio. San Francisco

Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022

Primavera Sound 2022 Review: Best Guitar Tone of the Fest, Best Record Store in Barcelona, Tyler the Creator on the Verge of Tears, Fireworks, and Much More… By Maryzelle Ungo Primavera Sound sign at the festival. (Picture: Primavera Sound) Primavera Sound Barcelona is known to be the festival of all…

What’s Hiding at Wally’s Hydeout? 2500 1406 Psyched! Radio. San Francisco

What’s Hiding at Wally’s Hydeout?

What’s Hiding at Wally’s Hydeout? By Maryzelle Ungo. Deep in the cultural depths of San Francisco lies the infamous Hyde Street Studios. Owned by Michael Ward since 1980, it is one of history’s most prolific recording studios. The multi-room facility has spawned classics from renowned artists spanning Rock, Jazz, Funk,…

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