Psyched! Radio SF is an independent community radio station located in San Francisco, California, founded by a diverse group of music lovers. Psyched! Radio SF is not only a radio station but a community that works to support the local, national and international music scene. 

Based in San Francisco, Psyched! Radio produces live shows, DJ nights and films music videos, live performances and short films.

Everything we do at Psyched! Radio SF is made possible through the support of our local community, individual donors, volunteers, local venues, and businesses. 

If you are interested in making a personal contribution to this new group of multiracial creatives, please visit the donate section on our website

We are an independent radio station broadcasting 24/7 live from San Francisco, California.

Psyched! Radio. San Francisco ©  All rights reserved.

Psyched! Radio. San Francisco ©  All rights reserved.